Why Choose A Tru Home?

Solid Steel I-Beam Foundation - With a steel beam foundation you know you are always standing on solid ground.

Nylon-Reinforced Vapor Barrier - What does that even mean? A vapor barrier is a tough lining that helps with energy efficiency, lower bills, and protects your home from moisture, allergens and pests.

Thick Installation - A thick blanket of installation is installed all around your home increasing energy efficiency and keeping you comfortable.

Engineered Flooring System - Professionally engineered to create a solid and sturdy base for your new home.

Interlocking Floor Decking - The interlocked system keeps floors flat and structurally sound.

Water Resilient Flooring - A no-wax flooring selection throughout your home makes for easy cleanup.

Insulated Plumbing System - With your plumbing installed inside of your Tru home's installation blanket, your pipes can maintain a more consistent water temperature and better combat extreme heat and cold.

Walls Built to Last - Your Tru mobile home is built with traditional side studs centered every 16" and packed with thick installation meaning your walls have more studs, a sturdy build and maximum energy efficiency.


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